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Session:Visual Object/Event Detection, Segmentation, and Classification
Time:Wednesday, October 11, 14:20 - 17:00
Presentation: Poster
Topic: Image & Video Segmentation: Statistical methods
Authors: Youngbae Hwang; Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology 
 Jun-Sik Kim; Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology 
 In So Kweon; Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology 
Abstract: Most change detection methods are based on gray-level images. A gray-level image is regarded as a 1-D projection of three channels of color images. Therefore, more precise change detection results are expected by utilizing color information. We previously developed a change detection scheme using color images. In this paper, we determine which color space should be selected for accurate change detection based on our previous detection scheme. Our method can be applied to various color spaces, including gray-level images. Then we can measure the expected number of error pixels in order to select an appropriate color space which gives the best result among various color spaces. The experiments show that selecting a color space based on measurements results in the fewest error pixels.