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Session:Stereoscopic and 3-D Processing
Time:Tuesday, October 10, 14:20 - 17:00
Presentation: Poster
Topic: Stereoscopic and 3-D Processing: 3D modeling & synthesis
Authors: Xin Liu; Harbin Institute of Technology 
 Hongxun Yao; Harbin Institute of Technology 
 Xilin Chen; Chinese Academy of Sciences 
 Wen Gao; Harbin Institute of Technology 
Abstract: In this paper, we present a visual hull embossment algorithm which works on the base of a visual hull to reconstruct a precise model from calibrated color images. The algorithm uses the geometry of the visual hull to compute voxel normals and visibilities. Then a photometric consistency field (PCF) is computed, which describes the photometric consistency score of every voxel. The visual hull is refined in a view dependent fashion. For each view, we compute a view dependent PCF (VDPCF) by resampling the PCF and then find an optimal depth image in VDPCF with graph cut based energy minimization, which takes into consideration data, smoothness and adjustment terms simultaneously. The depth images are used for carving voxels. Our algorithm can produce precise models with a moderate speed.