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Session:Biomedical Image Segmentation
Time:Monday, October 9, 10:40 - 11:00
Presentation: Lecture
Topic: Biomedical Imaging: Biomedical image segmentation and quantitative analysis
Authors: Gozde Unal; Siemens Corporate Research, Inc. 
 Greg Slabaugh; Siemens Corporate Research, Inc. 
 Andreas Ess; Swiss Federal Institute of Technology 
 Anthony Yezzi; Georgia Institute of Technology 
 Tong Fang; Siemens Corporate Research, Inc. 
 Jason Tyan; Siemens Corporate Research, Inc. 
 Martin Requardt; Siemens Corporate Research, Inc. 
 Robert Krieg; Siemens Corporate Research, Inc. 
 Ravi Seethamraju; Siemens Corporate Research, Inc. 
 Mukesh Harisinghani; Massachusetts General Hospital 
 Ralph Weissleder; Massachusetts General Hospital 
Abstract: Accurate staging of nodal cancer still relies on surgical exploration because many primary malignancies spread via lymphatic dissemination. The purpose of this study was to utilize nanoparticle-enhanced lymphotropic magnetic resonance imaging (LN-MRI) to explore semi-automated noninvasive nodal cancer staging. We present a joint image segmentation and registration approach, which makes use of the problem specific information to increase the robustness of the algorithm to noise and weak contrast often observed in medical imaging applications. The effectiveness of the approach is demonstrated with a given lymph node segmentation problem in post-contrast pelvic MRI sequences.