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Session:Radar Imaging
Time:Wednesday, October 11, 11:20 - 11:40
Presentation: Lecture
Topic: Geosciences and Remote Sensing: Radar imaging
Authors: Jay Marble; University of Michigan 
 Alfred Hero; University of Michigan 
Abstract: See Through The Wall (STTW) applications have become of high importance to law enforcement, homeland security and defense needs. In this work surface penetrating radar is simulated using basic physical principles of radar propagation. Wavenumber migration is employed to form 2D images of objects found behind a wall. It is shown that this technique cannot properly image with the wall present because of an unknown phase delay experienced by the electromagnetic waves as they pass through the wall. Two approaches are taken to estimate this phase by looking at the direct backscatter signal from the wall. The first is a dual phase approach, which uses a non-parametric technique to find the phase at every frequency. The second method is a dual frequency approach. The two frequencies are close enough together that the reflection coefficients are approximately equal. This approximation allows for more observations than unknown parameters. The surface reflection coefficient, back wall coefficient, and phase are simultaneously determined using an iterative, non-linear (Newton-Raphson) successive approximation algorithm. Comparisons are performed for a simple scenario of three point scatterers with and without phase correction.