ICIP 2006, Atlanta, GA

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Session:Video Surveillance
Time:Tuesday, October 10, 17:00 - 17:20
Presentation: Lecture
Authors: Jingping Jia; Northwestern Polytechnical University 
 Qing Wang; Northwestern Polytechnical University 
 Yanmei Chai; Northwestern Polytechnical University 
 Rongchun Zhao; Northwestern Polytechnical University 
Abstract: A new approach of tracking objects in image sequences is proposed, in which the constant changes of the size and orientation of the target can be precisely described. For each incoming frame, a probability distribution image of the target is created, where the target’s area turns into a blob. The scale of this blob can be determined based on the local maxima of differential scale-space filters. We employ the QP_TR trust region algorithm to search the local maxima of orientational multi-scale normalized Laplacian filter of the probability distribution image to locate the target as well as to determine its scale and orientation. Based on the tracking results of sequence examples, the new method is proven to be capable of describing the target more accurately and thus achieves much better tracking precision.