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Session:Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Time:Wednesday, October 11, 16:40 - 17:00
Presentation: Lecture
Topic: Biomedical Imaging: Other
Authors: Zhenghui Hu; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 
 Pengcheng Shi; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 
Abstract: In this paper, we propose a novel strategy to explore population complexity and regularity from functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) time series. The analysis is based on the sample entropy (SampEn), which performs a unbiased assessment of the complexity and regularity of time series dynamics. A fMRI scanning series from a healthy subjects in resting state was analyzed to prove the effectiveness of this method. Moreover, the framework also include a similarity test for particular populations. It can be considered as a valuable complementary method to classical fMRI analysis, and it could improve the understanding of complexity human brain functions.