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Session:Interpolation, Super-Resolution and Demosaicking
Time:Wednesday, October 11, 09:40 - 12:20
Presentation: Poster
Topic: Interpolation and Super-Resolution: Other
Authors: Timo Stich; Technische Universit√§t Braunschweig 
 Marcus Magnor; Technische Universit√§t Braunschweig 
Abstract: This paper proposes a method for analyzing and synthesizing video sequences, specifically suited for image sequences of natural phenomena. We combine a low-dimensional representation of arbitrary image sequences and an image morphing technique to create realistic in-between images. The visualization based on the Isomap algorithm allows users to easily select parts of the video that have periodic character. From these segments, new sequences can be synthesized in real-time. To smooth transition artifacts between the reordered subsequences a Monge-Kantorovich based image morphing method is applied to interpolate in-between images. Our approach is useful for e.g. video key-frame animation, looping or creating slow-motion sequences.