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Session:Color Reproduction, Halftoning, and Printing
Time:Tuesday, October 10, 09:40 - 12:20
Presentation: Poster
Topic: Image Scanning, Display and Printing: Image Representation and Rendering
Authors: Jing-Ming Guo; Jin Wen Institute of Technology 
 Jen-Ho Chen; Jin Wen Institute of Technology 
Abstract: A high efficiency and good quality error-diffused halftoning is proposed in this paper. An objective halftone image quality evaluation method based on human visual system obtained by Least-Mean-Square is also introduced. The error diffusion algorithm, first introduced by Floyd and Steinberg in 1975, is currently the most popular method of digital halftoning. However, some annoying shortcomings, such as patches of regular textures, worm effect, and computational complexity still need to be improved. Ostromoukhov proposed a three-element error diffusion solving the problems described above, and achieved excellent performance. In this paper, we further reduced the complexity with the proposed two-element error diffusion by cooperating with the proposed LMS-trained quality evaluation. As demonstrated in experiments, the proposed technique further reduced the complexity by 33% compared to Ostromoukhov’s method, and it is still comparable in image quality.