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Session:Fingerprint and Iris Analysis
Time:Monday, October 9, 09:40 - 12:20
Presentation: Poster
Topic: Biometrics: Fingerprint analysis and coding
Authors: Mayur D Jain; Microsoft India Private Ltd 
 Nalin Pradeep; Sarnoff Innovative Technologies Ltd 
 Prakash C.; Sarnoff Innovative Technologies Ltd 
 Balasubramanian Raman; IIT Roorkee 
Abstract: Fingerprint matching algorithm is a key step in fingerprint recognition system. Though there are many existing matching algorithms, there has been inability to match fingerprints in linear time. In this paper we present a novel biometric approach to match fingerprints that run in O(n) time. We match the minutiae in the fingerprint by constructing a Nearest Neighbor Vector (NNV) considering its k-nearest neighbors. The consolidation of these matched minutiae points is done by incorporating them in binary tree that propagates simultaneously in both fingerprints. This helps our algorithm to run in linear time in contrast to many existing algorithms when reference core point is available. We analyze the resulting improvement in computational complexity and present experimental evaluation over FVC2002 database.