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Session:Video Streaming and Networking - I
Time:Tuesday, October 10, 14:20 - 14:40
Presentation: Lecture
Authors: Zhishou Zhang; Institute for Infocomm Research 
 Qibin Sun; Institute for Infocomm Research 
 Wai-Choong Wong; Institute for Infocomm Research 
 John Apostolopoulos; Hewlett-Packard Laboratories 
 Susie Wee; Hewlett-Packard Laboratories 
Abstract: Stream authentication methods usually impose overhead and dependency among packets. The straightforward application of state-of-the-art rate-distortion (R-D) optimized streaming techniques produce highly sub-optimal R-D performance for authenticated video, since they do not account for the additional dependencies. This paper proposes an R-D optimized streaming technique for authenticated video, by accounting for authentication dependencies and overhead. It schedules packet transmission based on packets’ importance in terms of both video quality and authentication dependencies. The proposed technique works with any stream authentication method as long as the verification probability can be quantitatively computed from packet loss probability. Simulation results based on H.264 JM 10.1 and NS-2 demonstrate that the proposed authentication-aware R-D optimized streaming technique substantially outperforms authentication-unaware R-D optimized streaming techniques. In particular, when the channel capacity is below the source rate, the PSNR of authenticated video quickly drops to unacceptable levels using conventional R-D optimized streaming techniques, while the proposed technique still maintains R-D optimized video quality.